There is a war in Ukraine. Ukraine is the center of Europe! Russian troops are bombing and shelling large cities, towns and small villages. The shells hit children's hospitals, kindergartens, schools and homes. Peaceful people are hiding in basements, subways, bomb shelters. Children die from injury, hunger and thirst. More than 150 children died during the month of war! More than 6 million people have left their homes!

війна в Україні


The Foundation is currently working as a large focal point:

1) Every day more than 20 families who were forced to leave their homes without the necessary things for security (forced migrants from Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kyiv, etc.), as well as local needy people come in person with help:

✔ On average, we provide assistance to 400-500 people a week


2) we help points of temporary accommodation of migrants:

✔ 5 cars are loaded with the help of a week


3) every day we send the necessary humanitarian aid, which volunteers take to the combat zone in cities where there is already a humanitarian catastrophe:

✔ 8-15 trucks per week.


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Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation, which has been active since 2016, has significant experience in working with families in difficult life circumstances!

This experience now allows us to successfully adapt to new conditions and provide quality assistance!