In times of war, the Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation works as a large coordination center.

1) Every day, about 30 families (about 100 people in total) who were forced to leave their homes without the necessary things for safety (IDPs from Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kyiv and other regions), as well as local people in need, come to us for help in person:

✔ On average, we provide assistance to 400-500 people a week, and distribute about 3000 kg a week;

2) We help points of temporary accommodation for migrants:

✔ We load 5 trucks with help per week. We also buy food, and volunteers prepare and deliver the meals. Approximately 1000 kg per week;

3) every day we send the necessary humanitarian aid, which volunteers take to the combat zone in cities where there is already a humanitarian catastrophe:

✔ 8-15 trucks per week. On average, we ship 1500 kg of aid per truck.

4) We also constantly help the military who are in the war zone. Although this is not our area of focus, we send them the things they need that we have and can get through trusted volunteers who go there.


We report and talk about our activities during the war here:

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Before the war, we worked for many years with socially vulnerable low-income families at risk of having their children taken away from them because of their difficult life situation, and now we do not abandon them either, because it is even more difficult for them now than before.

Under our care, there are

  • low-income people
  • single-parent families with children
  • large families
  • families of former children from orphanages
  • children from orphanages and specialized institutions
  • families with children with disabilities/severe illnesses
  • single elderly people
  • people with disabilities living in specialized institutions psychoneurological dispensaries

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