We visited the Boryslav boarding school of the Harmony Training and Rehabilitation Center ?

Saturday, January 26, we visited Boryslav Boarding School Harmony Training and Rehabilitation Center where there are 71 pupils. Unfortunately, we were only able to see 21 of them. But the atmosphere of the institution and the sincere emotions of the children left a big mark in our hearts.

It is difficult to say how much heat ? and kindness to the pupils of this institution, despite the difficulties that befell them.

A student of the institution, Dmitry, he is also the president (they even have the post of Minister of International Relations), etc.gave us a tour to see how the children are studying and how their lives are built here.

I will not tell the details, but I will share what impressed me the most, and that is HELP.

I have seen how effortlessly, easily and without requests children who can move on their own (I will not say that they always do it easily) helped those in wheelchairs to get out of the dining room; as they were supported, climbing the stairs pulling up on the railings, as Dmitry carried walkers and prams of children from the first to the second floor….

Thank you to all the volunteers who joined the trip and who, due to various circumstances, were unable to do so.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored our trip and gifts to children and the institution.

Thanks to Vladimir and Taras for the cars and fast delivery to the destination.

And also thank you to the girls, Lili Lili Hair and Christina Yarema for your work and great haircuts))

Author and organizer of the trip: Olena Hashchuk

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Thank you to all the helpers of St. Nicholas !!!

The holiday was a success for all 100, no 200, and no more than 200 letters - that's how much our Foundation has donated to the action this year #Mykolay Comes to All_BF_AnniMaria !

It is thanks to you that we succeeded!

We are infinitely happy that every year more and more people are ready to help do good!

It motivates, charges! With your support we are sure! We are ready for new projects, new ideas and their implementations!

Look at these happy eyes full of admiration!

Thank you to each and every one of you for the opportunity to make hundreds of children happy!

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