?Due to the circumstances and the lack of funding, we cannot help everyone who comes to us, and we continue to provide assistance to IDPs and our local needy within the limits of our capabilities.?
??In addition to summer clothes and shoes, they also gave a delicious sweet cupcake, chips and sweet water for children.
?also received 30 ready meals from @PastaCafe and gave them to our visitors
?Aid was given to the boys: canned goods, sweets, bread, Pepsi, 60 pairs of socks, wet wipes, mosquito repellent
?And through Mr. Grigoriy, they handed over sleeping mats and 20 pairs of slippers to the boys
??Help was collected for a large family in the Yavoriv region: clothes and shoes - four packages, hygiene products (shampoo, toothpaste, brushes, soap) and products (cereals, pasta, flour, sugar, cereal, bread)

?The children and grandchildren of our volunteers help our fund.
The son of volunteer Ms. Natali helps to send medicine to the boys on the front lines?,
and the granddaughter of volunteer Mr. Slava creates incredible beauty with her own hands - a charm for our boys??
☺️Today, our visitors received, in addition to the usual help - clothes, shoes, hygiene products, ready meals - and delicious gifts from our sponsors. This is delicious sweet bread and chips and sweet drinks for children?
?We received much-needed and timely help from representatives of the city council. Thank you!
?Charming women bring goodies and everything our boys need. From our foundation with love, faith in God and victory!????

? Received and distributed 40 lunches from @pasta_caffe, thank you very much on behalf of the visitors?
?They gave out chips, Pepsi Cola and bread with raisins, which Danylo brought along with milk late on Friday evening.
??Thank you, because there is something to amuse adults and children.
?They sent products to the boys (bread-40 pcs., chips_60 pcs., Pepsi-60 pcs., chocolate-46 pcs., cookies-2 boxes, coffee-2 packs., Mivina-72 pcs., earplugs.) They also handed over ten pairs of flip-flops, patterns and gingerbread.
?We received 36 packages of diapers of various sizes, five strollers, two large children's cots from LMR, and a box of antiseptics.
?? They received a parcel from Rome from Luka's family (some medicines, 10 kg of sugar, 10 packs of pasta, a blanket, one pack of diapers)
??And we also want to thank them for the funds for 1 of the "name" doors, for which we collected funds during the repair. The door and the sign have been there for a long time, but the family was not found on social networks, they did not know how to thank?
? Through our volunteer Natalya, some medicine, sweets and hygiene products were given to the boys

?40 families (a total of 89 people) turned to the Center for help.
?Received and issued 50 ready meals from @pasta_caffe
IDPs and local needy people who applied for help on this day were given clothes, cabbage, wheat groats, hygiene products, baby purees.
1) in Mykolaiv, through Andriy Slyusarchyk, chips 10 packs, Cola – 60, chocolate – 69, samples.
2) to Moschun for the civilian population through Andriy Slyusarchyk, a passenger car with pies, mashed potatoes, tampons, instant tea, pasta.
?Join and support people in need?

This year's Children's Day is more special than ever!
We wanted to entertain children, including IDPs, to remind them that childhood is a carefree time!

It was an incredible holiday! How necessary were these emotions, these smiles, happy children and adults! Real "positive therapy". I myself laughed out loud and rejoiced for the first time in 3 months.

If we raise children well in this way, show opportunities for quality leisure time, correct values - for sure, EVERYTHING WILL BE IN UKRAINE! ??