🥯🍪From the Culinary Front, they received pies, pastries, sausages and meatballs and sent Mivina, chocolate, bars, tea, sugar, coffee, beans, canned goods, cola, milk for the boys.
🚛 Mykhailo Petrovych sent rice, tea, sugar, beets, cabbage, milk, flour, pearl barley, pasta, cappuccino, diapers, zucchini to Buchach via Salamakh.
🍝Received 70 lunches and 2 bags of potatoes from Pasta_Caffe🥔
Olena Pavlyuk received medicine and baby purees.
📦They sent 53 brigades named after Monomakh, Dnipro via Berezhna Larisa tea, coffee, sausages, instant drink, canned meat, cookies, lozenges, bars, cola, Mivina, chocolate, chips, toothpaste, toothbrushes, antiseptic, soap, hand and face cream .
🫶🏻At the end of the day, help went to the second department of the psychiatric hospital (clothes, tea, instant drink, cocoa milk.)