That's the end of the usual working day.
1) They sent the following to the boys in the Zaporizhzhia region: Pepsi, candy bars, cabbage, carrots, tea, milk, etc.
2) They sent to Khmelnytskyi region for IDPs: coffee, dates, tea, cabbage, carrots, bread, diapers, sugar, etc.
3) At the end of the working day, the boys were sent to Kryvyi Rih: tea, coffee, canned goods, twists, dried fruit, Pepsi, sweets, nuts, milk, pies, Banderivska stew, bread, neskwik, chips, etc.
3) We fed 110 IDPs and local needy people, more precisely, we gave out 110 portioned lunches from our wonderful partners @pasta cafe
4) They also provided various assistance for 51 people who applied today:
– clothes, various household items that were given to us by various good people;
- delicious bread from Agritrade Ukraine
- and such necessary grocery sets and hygiene from our dear friends Utah Ukrainian Association
Just an ordinary working day...
Another day, closer to victory
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Agritrade Ukraine another fresh batch of help from you is already traveling to those corners where it is hot. And today we still have the operation "distribute, arrange bread well and quickly". The receiving people are very grateful to you.

And again we received help from our caring friends outside of Ukraine!
Grateful to the community
Harvey and Ellen Weisenberg for trust, for support!
Thanks to you, we are able to continue to provide for the needs of people who are in trouble because of the war in our country.
We received the following necessary things: a lot for children, hygiene, clothes, shoes, stationery (just so appropriate?), goodies!
And also many things that we will be able to pass on to our boys and girls on the front lines: long-term dried meat and protein bars to have strength and energy, thermomobility (right now it is so necessary?)
We are already sorting and will give them to needy people who come to us.
And we will also be able to hand it over to our native defenders.
We are sure that your activity is an example for others.
Glory to Ukraine??!
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Children… they had to grow up faster…
War… children of war?.
What a terrible combination of words in the 21st century!
They understand everything?!
They, like us, adults, learn to live in a new reality, to overcome their fear!
? And in this difficult time, when parents are forced to think carefully about what to use money rationally, there is no room for children's whims.
?? Many thanks to Vykintas Genys, Wayne Douglas and Lithuanian community of Atlanta for financial support.
?Thanks to our fruitful cooperation with you, we were able to buy products, some hygiene products and goodies and create more than 100 kits for children from needy families and families of IDPs.
?These children's emotions are priceless, because usually the standard set of help is cereals, canned food and other basic things! And here are candies, cookies, delicious breakfasts and more ??
?We are sure that your support is an example for others.
? We express hope in our further cooperation for the benefit of those in need!??
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?Visitors were given aid packages from Ukrainianer in Karlsruhe / Ukrainians in Karlsruhe , ?milk from Save Ukraine , ?ready meals and ?potatoes from @pasta_caffe and delicious pies from Culinary Front?
???The boys were loaded with coffee, tea, chocolate, flour, ginger, peas, canned food, Pepsi, Mivina, chips
??Thank you Agritrade Ukraine from us and from the guys who buy your products ?
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