That's the end of the usual working day.
1) They sent the following to the boys in the Zaporizhzhia region: Pepsi, candy bars, cabbage, carrots, tea, milk, etc.
2) They sent to Khmelnytskyi region for IDPs: coffee, dates, tea, cabbage, carrots, bread, diapers, sugar, etc.
3) At the end of the working day, the boys were sent to Kryvyi Rih: tea, coffee, canned goods, twists, dried fruit, Pepsi, sweets, nuts, milk, pies, Banderivska stew, bread, neskwik, chips, etc.
3) We fed 110 IDPs and local needy people, more precisely, we gave out 110 portioned lunches from our wonderful partners @pasta cafe
4) They also provided various assistance for 51 people who applied today:
– clothes, various household items that were given to us by various good people;
- delicious bread from Agritrade Ukraine
- and such necessary grocery sets and hygiene from our dear friends Utah Ukrainian Association
Just an ordinary working day...
Another day, closer to victory
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