The last working day of 2022.

The last working day of 2022. 19 families turned to us for help (2 of them for the first time). They gave out a lot of clothes, shoes, toys, diapers and blankets from BO OKTAR Lviv . They finished handing out gifts from St. Nicholas and his assistants Ukrainian Federation of Food Banks .
And, as every day, delicious lunches were distributed from Pasta Caffé .
Bread with raisins, water, fruit milk, Pepsi, Mivina, soups, energy drinks, sweets, sauces, canned food and holiday gifts for the defenders were shipped for the defenders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Donetsk direction). Many blankets and blankets were also handed over.
All visitors sincerely thanked and congratulated us on the coming New Year, wished peace and health!
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Miracles continue

In addition to the fact that together with you we collected, purchased and were able to please Nicholas with gifts for about 200 children, we received super nice sweet packages "wagons" from our new friends on Friday Ukrainian Federation of Food Banks. Most of it was immediately given away at our children's event, along with a bunch of other gifts.
But there are still a few packages left. So we can cheer up even more children from needy categories.
We thank our new partners for good cooperation! You would see those emotions children ?. So glad that even more children will be able to experience the holiday!!!
* Delivery of the package is possible - only to the child in person. You can get it from us at the Help and Development Center. Have with you documents confirming your identity and privileged category (for example: IDP certificate, certificate of multiple children, disability, loss of parents...)
Address: Levandivka, Slastiona, 2 (white annex).
Monday, Tuesday, 12:00-16:00.
If we don't give them all away, maybe we will continue on Thursday and Friday.
We do not send by mail! Only issuing assistance in our Center.
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Happy birthday to our Yura Gupalo!!!

Yura (@Yura Yura Gupalo) - head of the Fund, co-founder together with his wife, our Khrystyna Gupalo

Under his leadership, the foundation grew from a small room in their apartment, where Khrystyna sorted things and gave them to people in need, to a large modern Center for mutual aid and development!

And thanks to the careful approach, courage, foresight and seriousness of the manager, the fund has an excellent reputation, has established cooperation with various organizations, including international ones!

The fund is now a place where help is received every day! And this is more than just financial aid! This is a place of hope, support, and sometimes a change of thinking!

Yura, your angel daughter Anna-Maria has fully incarnated, and is here and now within the walls of the Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation. You did everything so that your daughter was with you!

We ask for prayers for Yura and his family's health and success in business.

And a great gift today will be to support his idea of life.

We just have an open request for help from the military - thermal underwear, hand warmers and warm sleeping bags!

Support and congratulate from the map here:

Now congratulations, congratulations and kind words from you ?