Our good, old friend Yurik Popiv

How many times this charismatic boy helped us out and took on a lot of work at our charity events - working with the public?.
Our good, old friend Yurik Popiv
Although our events are mainly for children, we know that he is a cool presenter for serious adult events as well?!
Hardware, program, assistants - all in a complex?.
Active, tireless, and most importantly, with a big heart, there is a selfie line with him at the end of the event?
If you need an excellent presenter who will feel your audience, knows how to lead an event - contact us. We sincerely recommend Yurik Popiv
He is not only a cool professional, but also actively involved in good causes!?
By the way, he is also our Saint Nicholas?
And he also organized Angeliks for us for the event in just half an hour?

Report on the assistance provided for January 31 and thanks to benefactors

  • Thank you to students of the 6th grade of Lyceum No. 75 in Lviv, who gave us beautiful bracelets and drawings for the defenders. ?
  • Maltese Service and public service of Canada handed over baby food for children, diapers for adults and dry puddings and creams.
  • Today with help 9 families (30 people) came to us. Received clothes, shoes, toys, blankets from BO OKTAR Lviv , diapers.
  • Lunches from our benefactors from PastaCafe received 51 families.
  • Collected a parcel for a military man in Sloviansk - dry soups, tea, coffee, chocolate, lavash, canned fish and meat, chips, mivina.
  • 300 kg of women's clothes were shipped to the 2nd narcological department of the Lviv Psychiatric Hospital.
  • They were sent to the Bakhmut direction for the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - milk, coffee, tea, Pepsi, rice, barley, wheat groats, macaroni, sugar, ketchup, chocolate, stew, thermal underwear, balaclavas, flashlights on the forehead.
  • For military serviceman in Starych sent coffee, canned goods, stews, pate
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Assistance was provided for January 30

On Monday, January 30, there were few visitors (they were afraid of the cold wind).
  • In total 5 families (13 people). They gave out some clothes, diapers for adults and children.
  • For delicious dinners from Pasta Caffé (already 170 units) have arrived 50 families.
  • Accepted sweets clothes and shoes from @BO "BF AI House".
  • Packed and sent by Nova Poshta six parcels to Slovyansk for a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (food, sweets, Mivina, canned goods, energy drinks, nosh, tea, coffee, disposable dishes, etc.).
  • Another one the parcel will go to Borova, Kharkiv region.
  • For the family of a military doctor diapers and a food kit were sent to the UFBP.
  • For wounded boy to the Kyiv hospital sent diapers, antiseptic, wet wipes.
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We thank the Ukrainian Federation of Food Banks

?We would like to sincerely thank our new friends Ukrainian Federation of Food Banks for the help provided.

✨It's not just 300 food kits, it's 300 lucky families who received these kits.
We do not know the life stories of all the people who came to us, but we sincerely believe that those who really needed it received these kits!
?In order to make one grocery set, our volunteer bees together with volunteers from Ukrainian Federation of Food Banks, worked fruitfully and hard!
Thank you to everyone who not only took this set and left, but also thanked us, it means a lot to us!❤️

Nicholas for the ZSU

??Our dearest ZSU Cats were very polite! And St. Nicholas personally handed the packages to them where every piece of our land is now being reclaimed?
In difficult times, we should remember who made us able to walk under the Ukrainian sky??
Our dear ones, such relatives, acquaintances and strangers, thank you for courageously defending our land from invaders. All of us are at a loss for words to express our gratitude to you?
200 packages for defenders were delivered as intended in different corners, as well as to the hospital to those who defended and suffered.
Thank you good friend
@Andriy Slyusarchyk for taking Mykolaiv all the way there...
We are also grateful to the other volunteers who traveled to other destinations and handed over the gifts from us!
?And of course to our benefactors who help and support!
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