Well, that's all, our ZSU cats will definitely be warm ?

Thank you all for collecting hand and foot warmers.
In general 1,850 pairs of heating pads were purchased and already received.
A significant part has already been transmitted and we continue to transmit it almost every day?.
We sincerely thank everyone who supported the collection on our website! We managed to purchase 150 pairs of hand and foot warmers, which are 150 soldiers who will save their hands and feet from frostbite in the trenches.
We also thank the benefactor Pavel, thanks to whom we received a total of 500 pairs of thermal insoles.
Donor Volodymyr has repeatedly supported our initiatives. And this time, thanks to his funding, we purchased 620 pairs of leg warmers. And another 280 pairs on the way, we are waiting!
We thank the benefactor Yevhen for his contribution - 300 pairs from him are also already with us and are being sent to our defenders.
You are incredible❤️‍?
We continue at the same pace until victory??.
And our task is to help achieve it with as few losses as possible?

Summary report for autumn 2022

A full-scale war has been going on for almost a year! And no matter how difficult and difficult it is, the rhythm is set, and we cannot reduce it?‍♂️!
It's not the time yet!..

The fall of 2022 was difficult, dark, but we managed! And they only became stronger?!
And regardless of the plans of the enemy, we continued to work for victory!

?Needy people continue to come to us for help. Daily!
?And almost every day we send the necessary things to our soldiers who are on the defensive!
?And we also helped bring schoolchildren from socially vulnerable families to school!

In the report, each figure is accompanied by the tireless work of our bees in the warehouse, hours of negotiations regarding cooperation, hundreds of kilometers of humanitarian aid transportation, many puzzles and searching for information.

?We thank everyone who helps us, thank you for your support.

We continue
Glory to Ukraine??!

On February 22-24, the Foundation accepted 73 people.

They gave out clothes, shoes, diapers, as well 7 packages of household chemicals, purchased with funds from the Armstrong family.
During these three days, they were distributed 510 ready meals from Pasta Caffé .
Sent 8 passes for boys to the front ? in Bakhmut, Svatovo, Orikhove and other districts of Donetsk, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia regions. They handed over socks, rubber bands, heating pads, power banks, flashlights, batteries, dry deodorants, water, soups, coffee, sugar, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, chips, pastries, children's products, etc.
Many thanks to the skillful craftsmen from the Culinary Front for the dumplings ?, dumplings and pastries ?. All products went to the boys.
Thank you very much to the children from the Lyceum "Grono" for the handmade angels!!! ❤❤❤
They sent 2,000 kg of clothes for civilians to Kherson, as well as about 400 kg of sorted clothes to a dog shelter. ?
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