April 20 - Volunteer Appreciation Day!

☺️We try to thank our volunteers for their work every day, but today we thank them in a special way. ?

Without our dear volunteers, our Foundation could not function as it is now. We are moving at a breakneck pace. ??
Volunteering united us all. And we became a big friendly family❤️

We appreciate the work of each of our volunteers! Thank you for being with us. Let's do good together??

Happy Easter!

Our defenders sent us a photo of the unwrapping of the goodies they received along with the most sincere greetings for the Easter holidays.
We are very grateful to everyone who pitches in and helps us support our soldiers. We couldn't do it without you. Thank you for your support and kindness!

Christ is Risen! And Ukraine will rise ??

Our defenders are not the only ones to treat our defenders to the bright Easter holiday!
Thank them for life! Thank you for having loved ones and relatives nearby! For the fact that we can glorify God with our families on the day of Resurrection!

How could we help you?!

How valuable is it when, in the middle of helping others, we hear: how could we help you?!
And, by the way, we hear such words more and more often?
?The purpose of our activity: mutual assistance!
We want not just to help, but to change people's thinking!
?Anyone can be a driver of change! For this you do not need to have everything, or be successful, or any other conditions!
Everyone can be useful and share a piece for someone!
Such an active society will be able to bring the country to the highest level of development?
Many thanks to our already regular visitors of IDPs, who not only come to receive help, but also volunteered to help us!!!
?They shelled the nuts, which the Housewives of the Culinary Front will use for baking.