One week closer to victory!

Another week of war behind.
Here is the report for another week of the Fund's work:
▪️ 256 people received from the Foundation 255 kg of clothes and shoes, 35 kg of products, 13 packages of diapers, hygiene products, baby food, a stroller, as well as 7 "Christian alphabets" ???? from PUBLIC ORGANIZATION FUND FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF UKRAINE.
▪️thanks to cooperation ???? with Ukrainian Federation of Food Banks managed to issue another 41 boxes with products, 3 kg of cookies????, 34 packs of Hipp???? and 4 large cans of peas????.
▪️for 350 ready-made lunches, as always, we thank the BF "Food of the Future" ????.
▪️4 kg of food and 90 kg of clothes went to a psychiatric hospital.
▪️7 cars were sent to our defenders in Kupyansk, Kramatorsk, Zaporizhzhia and other cities and villages.
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We are looking for sponsors and benefactors ready to help the military!

We are constantly looking for sponsors, benefactors and organizations (including international ones)????, who are ready to help not only the injured people, but also the military.
After all, they are our relatives: husbands/wives, parents, brothers/sisters, our children????... were ordinary civilians until recently.
And now we want to take care of them, to improve their condition at least a little in such hellish conditions of fighting and service????
We have a small report of the considerable work done in a few days:
???? Two shipments to Zaporozhye:
– The first shipment: 40 kg of products, 4 kg of canned goods, 81 liters of various drinks, 24 energy packs, 25 hygiene kits, 5 ointments, 6 mosquito sprays.
– The second shipment: 20.7 kg of products, 10.7 kg of metal canned food cans, 12 liters of beverages, 92 energy cans, 11 packs. Hygiene products, 10 mosquito sprays.
???? Zaporozhye direction:
– products, energy, hygiene products, dry shower and mosquito repellents.
???? Bakhmut direction:
– products, dry shower, mosquito repellents.
???? Kramatorsk:
- products and energy.
???? Pokrovsk:
– 56.4 kg of products, 21 kg of metal canned food cans, 96 liters of beverages, 240 energy cans.
???? Donetsk direction:
- a lot of goodies, products, drinks, energy boosters.
???? Rivne direction:
– 27 kg of products, 4.1 kg of canned goods, 51 liters of various drinks, diapers and 5 packs. medicines
???? Rivne training ground:
– 6 kg of products, 16 cans of energy, t-shirts, underpants 4 pcs., hygiene 8 packs.
We look for and get basic help in stock, but often there are urgent needs that need to be purchased and transferred as quickly as possible.