The last month of summer has begun.

 On February 24, 2022, it was hard to imagine that the war could last so long. ????
Thank you to everyone who works and makes efforts for our victory! ????Thanks to those who bring items! ????????Thanks to those who sort clothes! Thank you to those who transport goods with their vehicles????! Thanks to those who cook!???? Thanks to those who donate! ???? ... Thank you boy ????, who bought cat food with his own pocket money ????‍⬛ and products for defenders????????! Thank you EVERYONE!!! ????
We report on the work of the Foundation for the past week:
▪️ 174 people turned to us for help. They received 185 kg of clothes and shoes, food, diapers, baby food.
▪️350 delicious ready-made lunches were received from BF "Food of the Future" and distributed during the week.
▪️67 kg of pastries and 27 kg of dumplings were prepared for the boys - defenders of working women from the Culinary Front, Maria Shiyka.
▪️for the needs of the Culinary Front, products, drinks and hygiene products were issued from the Fund;
▪️6 shipments of food, beverages, energy, mosquito repellents, etc. were made to Mariupol, Liman, Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka.
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