Миколай для потребуючих діток
Майже 2 тижні щедрий Миколай тішив діток. Для нас - це справжнє чудо, яке вдалося завдяки спільним зусиллям 🙂
Благодійна акція «Школярик» для потребуючої дитини!
We announce the collection of stationery and backpacks for children in need. These are our local children from socially vulnerable families and children from refugee families
We serve on our front. To help people in need. There is a war in Ukraine. Ukraine is the center of Europe! Russian troops are bombing and shelling large cities, towns and small villages. Refugees go to safer cities (including ours - Lviv): we provide them, feed them, clothe them ... Every day we send cars with humanitarian aid to the combat zone - to cities where there is already a humanitarian catastrophe. We are selflessly fighting on the humanitarian front, almost without days off and rest. Everything will be, Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!
The "social pantry" is a social center where there will be resources where a person can come so that we can dress him, put him in clothes, pack food for him at home and various means, where children are sent to master classes and parents to study. The center will have a lawyer, psychologist, and social worker, so that we can think comprehensively about how to help a family cope with a crisis situation, rather than just packing a package of things and sending it back with the same problem.
пакунок любові
We will help families in crisis and lonely elderly people to feel prosperity in the holidays.
Не Голодний Великдень
Not Hungry Easter! Quarantine continues! And with it the financial difficulties of many families!
Лист до Миколая
St. Nicholas Day is the time when people remember good deeds the most. For the fourth year in a row, Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation is organizing a holiday - the realization of children's dreams for children from needy families. This year, with your help, 100 gift letters have been collected. But this is only a tiny fraction, compared to the number of children who need help. Benefits - all year round! They exist, they live, they exist, and not only on Nicholas! And we work for help and a better life for them. So help us to realize this DREAM OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN !!! (read below)
щедрий вівторок
 Let's unite and show the power of systemic and mass good! To the World Good Day "Generous Tuesday", which falls on December 1, 2020. we want to pay attention to the most needy families in crisis, so with the help of caring people / organizations - we form a consumer basket for a needy family.
подарунок для школярика
?We are asking for help to gather needy children for school! ? It is not cheap to buy everything you need for 1-2 children today, and if there are 5 or more children in the family ... We have the needs of each family and a specific child in this family.
Епідемія - допомога
Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation has been helping people in need for 3 years. And now, people who previously needed our support with you, found themselves in even more difficult circumstances: without work, income and livelihood. But you and I can support them at least a little bit by joining forces!