We announce the collection of stationery and backpacks for children in need. These are our local children from socially vulnerable families and children from refugee families
пакунок любові
We will help families in crisis and lonely elderly people to feel prosperity in the holidays.
Миколай Дарує
And you can become a helper of St. Nicholas, and give to a child in need🙏 ❗️❗️We ask philanthropists to help organize the action "Nicholas gives" for children in need🎅
Socially vulnerable children need help - they need to be "gathered" to school!
Не Голодний Великдень
Not Hungry Easter! Quarantine continues! And with it the financial difficulties of many families!
взуй дитину
Charitable action from the Charitable Foundation "Anna-Maria" #VzuyDitinu continues on a regular basis! We will buy shoes as much as possible (if there are funds) and as needed for the season. We must understand that there are families where a pair of shoes is a great joy!
Миколай дарує тепло для діток у потребі
МоWe ask philanthropists to help organize the action. Mykola gives warmth to children in need🎅! 💙This year the pandemic is making adjustments in all areas, including charitable assistance🤲.
щедрий вівторок
 Let's unite and show the power of systemic and mass good! To the World Good Day "Generous Tuesday", which falls on December 1, 2020. we want to pay attention to the most needy families in crisis, so with the help of caring people / organizations - we form a consumer basket for a needy family.
The aim of the project is to help children who are in difficult life circumstances to decide on a profession, get acquainted with various fields, as well as cultural and educational development of children through excursions and open days in various organizations.
подарунок для школярика
🆘We are asking for help to gather needy children for school! 🆘 It is not cheap to buy everything you need for 1-2 children today, and if there are 5 or more children in the family ... We have the needs of each family and a specific child in this family.