CHARITY CONTRIBUTION. Caring for defenders


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Autumn... Cold and wet ?! And there, in the trenches - oh, how hard and chilly! At home you really want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket with cocoa☕️, sit in a soft chair and look out the window at the rain. We remember at what price for the military we are given such comfort! We must also take care of them - our dear ZSU ??.

Only they don't need a blanket and cocoa, although why not? Shall we pass? :))


Оновлений список потреб на жовтень місяць:

– warm clothes: fleeces, warm sweaters, t-shirts, underpants (can also be used in dark colors), thermal underwear, mittens, underpants, warm socks
– ponchos (raincoats),
- rubber boots with insulation
– winter sleeping bags
- thermoses
– medicines: for the throat, nose, anti-cold teas, complex vitamins, vitamin D, C, pain relievers
– different warmers: for hands, for shoes, warm insoles
– gas cylinders, portable tiles
– honey, nuts, dried fruits


?It is necessary to urgently collect:

  • blankets
  • pillows
  • mattresses and sleeping bags
  • extruded foam plastic 5 cm
  • cold medicine
  • heat sink
  • gas cylinders
  • fleece hats
  • warm clothes, ideally fleece: sweaters, pants, underpants


Always relevant needs:

- socks - good quality!!
-antifungal products for feet
- boxer briefs - cotton!!
- T-shirts (khaki, pixel, olive)

- rain boots
- shovels
– flashlights


Bring things to the BF Anna-Maria Help Center: Lviv, str. Slastiona, 2 (extension).
Mn-Fr: 11-17 год

Take care of the defender!
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