Good Nicholas! Help make the dream of 10,000 children come true !!!!

Лист до Миколая

About campaign

St. Nicholas Day is the time when people remember good deeds the most. For the third year in a row, Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation is organizing a holiday - the realization of children's dreams for children from needy families. This year, with your help, 150 gift letters have been collected. But this is only a tiny fraction, compared to the number of children who need help. Benefits - all year round! They exist, they live, they exist, and not only on Nicholas! And we work for help and a better life for them. So help us realize this DREAM OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN !!! (read below)



Good Nicholas!

Our families are called differently: socially vulnerable, needy, low-income, crisis... We all have very different stories. We are so different: big and small, healthy and sick, some have a big family, and some have almost a small family.
But we have very similar dreams!

  •  We want to live in happy, loving families where mom is smiling, not crying all the time.
  •  We don't want our peers to laugh at us because of our torn shoes and patched pants.
  • Sometimes we really want those delicious candies, at least for the holidays! And a piece of delicious meat on the home table!
  • We also want to go on an interesting excursion, on which almost all of our class went, except for my brother and me!
  • I really like to draw, and I like cars, and I sing well, and I really like English... But, we can't go to extra classes...
  • And I dream of becoming a photographer, and I really like designing rooms, and I want to save people's lives and health so much... But this is just a dream... There is a school in the neighboring village that teaches only plasterers and builders. I can't leave my sick dad with my younger sisters, I can't go to courses, and I won't be able to study for many years, because I have to help my relatives.
  • And I would very much like my mother to be as beautiful as when her aunt cut her hair so stylishly, painted her eyes and nails beautifully on the holiday! Mom lay down on the pillow very carefully then, because she wanted to be so beautiful for as long as possible, but she herself does not know how to make herself beautiful, and there is nothing to do.
  • And I would really like my father to hug my mother more and not yell at me like that, but he says that his parents always did that and I think he just doesn't know how to do it any other way. Maybe someone told him?
  • And my mother loves me very much. When he withdraws money from the card, he immediately buys me a lot of toys, chocolates and all sorts of unnecessary little things, and after a week we don't have enough money for bread. It seems to me that she does not know how to use money properly. So who would tell her???

And we have many more such stories... Mykola, we are asking You very much!!!!

Can you not bring us gifts under the pillow this year? We will eat tangerines and candies soon, a new toy will amuse us quite a bit. Well, to be honest, we love gifts... But this year, we are really asking You!

Please help those good uncles and aunts to open this great charity center "Social pantry"!

Help them raise money, find good masters, specialists, send them to help people who have opportunities, resources and a great desire to help in a good cause!

And we will be able to go there for various interesting activities. Our parents will be taught financial literacy, proper upbringing, and communication. And also, here they will be able to give me nice clothes, help my parents to pick us up for school, and also give me some food and other necessary things to take home...

And we will be very polite this year. And for the second year, we will be able to meet with you already in a nice new place, on Levandivka, in the "Social Pantry". Honestly, we'll wait with gifts this year. We really dream that this center will be faster and we can learn, develop, have fun there and feel needed, important and not abandoned in this world.

Help, Mykola!
With faith in Your goodness and mercy, 10,000 children who will be able to find salvation here



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