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– Evacuation stretchers 40 pcs
– Burners 50 pcs
– Tactical raincoat 80 pcs
– Cylinders 420 pcs


* The brigades to which we distribute aid are 24 OMBr, 30 OMBr, 80 ODSHBr, 125 TRO, 103 TRO, 72 OMBr, SSO, AZOV

We serve on our front. To help people in need. There is a war in Ukraine. Ukraine is the center of Europe! Russian troops are bombing and shelling large cities, towns and small villages. Refugees go to safer cities (including ours - Lviv): we provide them, feed them, clothe them ... Every day we send cars with humanitarian aid to the combat zone - to cities where there is already a humanitarian catastrophe. We are selflessly fighting on the humanitarian front, almost without days off and rest. Everything will be, Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!
Friends, we know that our soldiers are fighting in extremely difficult conditions - in the rain, in mud and swamps, where there is no access to the usual means of hygiene. And that is why we want to raise funds for disposable showers that can be used in a derivative situation where there is no water or other means to wash normally.
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Dear friends, we are asking you for help in collecting funds to cover the heating debt in our charity fund. Unfortunately, we have not been able to pay the heating bills, which is a necessary part of our life in winter, for those who need help and our support.
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термогрілки для ЗСУ
"There are more frostbite injuries than gunshot injuries..." ❗️Friends, serious problems at the front! Which you and I can influence 🙏 At ground zero, many of our soldiers get frostbite, it is not uncommon for fingers to be amputated.
Миколай для потребуючих діток
For almost 2 weeks, the generous Nicholas delighted the children. For us, this is a real miracle, which was achieved thanks to joint efforts 🙂
Миколай геріатричний пансіонат в Олесько
These are wrinkled by time, often helpless - like children, waiting for some kind of miracle, impressions! But every day they see the gray walls of the hospital, poor food😔, and now also cold and darkness!
Допоможем ЗСУ
Autumn... Cold and wet ?! And there, in the trenches - oh, how hard and chilly! At home you really want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket with cocoa☕️, sit in a soft chair and look out the window at the rain. We remember at what price for the military we are given such comfort! We must also take care of them - our dear ZSU ??.
Благодійна акція «Школярик» для потребуючої дитини!
We announce the collection of stationery and backpacks for children in need. These are our local children from socially vulnerable families and children from refugee families
The guys in the war zone really need: ◾Medicines against mosquitoes - 100 pcs ◾Medicines after mosquito bites - 100 pcs ◾Medicines against ticks - 100 pcs ◾Socks - good quality!! - 1000 pcs ◾Antifungal products for legs - 100 pcs ◾Boxer briefs - cotton!! - 300 pcs ◾T-shirts (khaki, pixel, olive) - cotton!! - 50 pcs

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