?They started bombing...

My daughter and I got together and an hour later we were on the train.
- Our visitor Kateryna tells us her story, - 14 hours on one leg: no toilet, no food... The car is full ?
No words, only children whimpering and crying... darkness...
Arrived in Lviv - curfew. We sat on the floor of the station until 6 o'clock.
And then we took a minibus to the apartment.
And it seems that the whole life has remained there, and as if you are waiting, and how much longer...
And you have to live, survive here.
It's difficult... alone"
We have many stories, we will introduce you to people who come to us for help in times of trouble.
Do you remember how at the beginning of the war you and I carried food and warm things to the station!
Both then and now, we give hope, support, and give strength that they are not alone!
We are close ??