Rules for receiving charitable assistance at the "Anna-Maria" BF

?Who can apply for help:
  • Low-income families with many children
  • Families of soldiers currently at the front and families of fallen heroes.
  • Orphans, semi-orphans.
  • Families raising disabled/seriously ill children
  • People with disabilities (group I, II).
  • IDP families with children.

?What help can you get:

  • Clothes, shoes, children's things, strollers, various household items from what people give us - for all needy categories without restrictions by district, once every 2 weeks.
  • Product package - !remind: only Zaliznychi district once.
  • Portion ready lunches - ~160 lunches are issued daily, in order of "live queue".
* you need to have documents confirming your identity and preferential category with you
?IMPORTANT: we issue grocery kits and portioned ready meals only to IDPs registered in the Railway District, only to those who have not yet received grocery kits from us.
Here is a list of permanent recipients from preferential categories. If there are still free lunches, you can get them.
?We do not send address assistance by mail!!! Only issuing assistance in Lviv at our Assistance Center. It is very difficult to pick up, pack, and send each person according to their request, since we have more than 100 visitors every day in the Center.
Address: Levandivka, Slastiona, 2 (white annex)
❗️Assistance schedule: Mon-Fri (except Wed) 12:00-16:00
* at the time of the air alert - the delivery of aid is suspended.
There is no assistance issued on Wednesday, it is a warehouse day.
* men of working age (up to 60 years) are not given assistance, only if they are disabled.

Let us know about your needs and we'll try to help you: