Help & Development Center

We invite you to our new Assistance and Development Center

-to gain useful knowledge and have a good time.


11.09.21Training: "How to raise a happy and successful child"
11.09.21Master class for children.
18.09.21Training for parents: "Emotions into joy"
18.09.21Master class for children.
19.09.21Charity conference - presentation by Anna Zamostnaya School "Called to Be a Woman": "How to be a woman leader in the 3rd millennium.
25.09.21Training for adults: "Secrets of happy relationships for many years"
25.09.21Master class for children.
2.10.21Training for adults: "Order in the closet".
9.10.21Secrets of a happy relationship for many years


Communication in the family
23.10.21Resource Women.

Where to find the strength and desire to live happily?


30.10.217 steps to improve women's self-esteem
5.11.21What men don't know about women and women don't know about men
13.11.21Self-help in

life issues

18.11.21Secrets of a happy relationship for many years


Anyone can attend the training!

You can come with children for whom volunteers will conduct interesting classes and workshops.

Participation is free for people from wards and needy families.

For all others - the cost of training: a voluntary charitable donation.

To attend the event - you must pre-register -
contact phone number: 0984968865 Galina .

The exercises are held in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures.

IMPORTANT: Only people without signs of a cold (cough, fever, runny nose) are allowed to participate in the training.

Training will be conducted online during the lockdown.