War is ongoing in Ukraine

Ukraine is the center of Europe! Russian forces are bombing and shelling large cities, towns, and small villages.

Projectiles are hitting children's hospitals, kindergartens, schools, and homes. Civilians are seeking shelter in basements, metro stations, and bomb shelters.

Children are dying from injuries, hunger, and thirst. Thousands of people, including hundreds of children, have died during the war. Millions have been displaced from their homes.

The number of people we can help depends on you!

The 'Anna-Maria' Charitable Foundation has significant experience working with families facing challenging life circumstances!

This experience now allows us to successfully adapt to new conditions and provide quality assistance!

Your support has always allowed us to do incredible things.


Before the war, we worked for many years with socially vulnerable low-income families at risk of having their children taken away from them because of their difficult life situation, and now we do not abandon them either, because it is even more difficult for them now than before.

Under our care, there are

  • low-income people
  • single-parent families with children
  • large families
  • families of former children from orphanages
  • children from orphanages and specialized institutions
  • families with children with disabilities/severe illnesses
  • single elderly people
  • people with disabilities living in specialized institutions psychoneurological dispensaries

If you want to organize a collection of things and help from abroad, we can provide transport that can deliver your help to our Foundation!