Journalist "VZ" Suzanne Bobkova visited the Volunteer Center, where displaced people receive helpпереселенці

She saw a "cloud" of people at one of the aid stations for displaced persons in the Levandivka microdistrict. Everyone came out with huge boxes. Inside: tea, coffee, sausage, cheese, cereals and many other products. I decided to ask the volunteers, what is the greatest need of people during the war?

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Speaking openly about the very personal, the deepest and most intimate
About the difficult journey from the pain of loss to service.

Thank you Orest Grygorchak for the invitation and sincere conversation.
Thank you TRK FIRST WESTERN and Olga Tsap for such heartfelt programs


Volunteers ask to help children from Bukivske boarding school in Lviv region

On August 4, volunteers of the Anna Maria Charitable Foundation are organizing a trip to the Bukivske orphanage and asking people who care to collect necessary items for the girls and women who live there.

This is reported on the website of the charitable organization. site charitable organization.

"As you know, funding for this type of institution at the state level is not sufficient! Therefore, there is an urgent need for many things. The orphanage is home to 90 girls aged 5 and up to adulthood, who are still children at heart," the volunteers say.

They are asking for help to collect the necessary things for the girls, namely: adult diapers (sizes S and L), diapers (sizes 5, 6), sanitary pads, yogurt, buns, bananas, candy, cookies.

"The institution also needs single beds, bedside mats - you may know and have a way to negotiate with hotels that write off old sets. Volunteers are needed for the trip, because we have only 1 car," the message says.

The charitable organization encourages people to join the team of volunteers for trips to such institutions.

Those who are not indifferent can also transfer funds to the account listed on the Facebook page of the foundation:


Security police

Lviv police guards took part in the charity festival













The charity festival "Family Holiday of Kindness" took place in Lviv. The event was aimed at raising funds for the opening of the Center for Mutual Assistance "Social Chamber".

The Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation and the Social Chamber Mutual Aid Center organized entertainment for children, performances by children's groups, and a holiday fair.

In addition, police officers from the Lviv Oblast Security Police joined the event. Everyone had the opportunity to take photos with law enforcement officers, try on real police "armor", learn about the work of security police.

Security Police Department in Lviv Region

© Security Police: https://guard.npu.gov.ua/news/informacziya/policzejski-oxoroni-lvova-vzyali-uchast-u-blagodijnomu-festivali/?fbclid=IwAR3tICX0Q3SLU-gxiewiaHfm8q_SGEKy0qa577zk7rrjnQ457euUcBbD8DM



ZIK TV channel

We are proud of our volunteers. Nadyusha Levitska is a person with a big heart, a pure soul and good intentions! She is a savior for the hopeless! Her act is incredibly great and admirable at the same time!
May God protect you and your family from all evil and send only good on your way!

ZIK TV channel

Our Beauty Festival for women in difficult life circumstances was attended by journalists from ZIK TV channel . Thank you for talking about good deeds!
After all, support is so important for us!
This holiday, as well as other events and trips from the Foundation, all take place thanks to your support, both financial and moral and prayerful!
You can support and help in different ways!


The story of Bohdana and Katya, students of the UCU Faculty of Psychology, about the Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation.

On Faculty of Health Sciences of UCU, students learn not only to “take” but also to “give” що what are we talking about?
Watch the video…


A single mother asks for help with the repair of the house where the walls are falling

Top news of Lviv 23.10 - Marta Kohut, October 23, 5:32 p.m.

The building, which looks more like a barn, is an old clay house in Novy Mylyatyn in the Busk district. Here lives a single mother with two small children. The house was given to the woman by the village council when she left the orphanage. But now the woman needs the help of caring people to complete the repairs and arrange the conditions in the house. After all, social workers threatened to take her children away.

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Those who care are asked to help the orphan with the repair of the emergency house

 Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 1:15 p.m.


The project "Social Chamber" of the Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation calls on all concerned to help with the repair of the emergency house where a mother with two children lives.

Lilya is an orphan, mother of two, who lives without a husband in an actually ruined house.

“History is tested and true! He works about the girl Lilya, a caring mother, a good housewife who lives in a village in the Lviv region, but there is a catastrophic lack of money. But the main problem is the old house, which is collapsing… last year one part of the house burned down due to a faulty wiring and, as a result, one wall collapsed, now the other is collapsing… We have little time, because it will soon rain and cold !!!

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FIRST PRACTICE: how it was…


In the first days of training we were visited by "friends" (so-called people with mental disabilities) and assistants from the NGO "Larsh-Kovcheg" to get acquainted and tell us about their activities. Therefore, all students were looking forward to the beginning of practice in this organization.

We divided into groups and every Tuesday visited the Lyarsh-Kovcheg workshops in different parts of Lviv. There we had the opportunity to communicate and create with "friends". In this organization, "friends" must not only develop and communicate with each other, but also socialize. They serve in churches, go to shops and fairs together to sell their wares.
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World Book Donation Day

March 6, 2018

On St. Valentine's Day in many countries also celebrates the International Book Donation Day. The main purpose of this holiday is to inspire people to give children as many books as possible.

On this day, it is customary to give books to each other and family members, leave books in crowded places, give discounts in bookstores, organize volunteer book collection campaigns, donate printed works to libraries and literacy charities.

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Lviv Post Office

Free the closet - help the needy!

Olga Shveda №10 (2022), Saturday, February 3, 2018

In Lviv, there is a center for helping low-income people in the premises of the Central Department Store. Those who care are asked to bring clothes, food and hygiene products

In the house of almost every Lviv resident, there are probably things that have gone out of fashion, become cramped or, conversely, too wide or simply never worn. It is a pity to throw them away, as they say, and there is no place to keep them. Many people offer these clothes to friends, exhibit them on social networks, and bring them to commission shops in the hope of getting at least a few hryvnias for a sweater or shoes. But giving away clothes for free and also to those who really need them is probably one of the easiest and most pleasant ways to help.

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Lviv newspaper

In Lviv, want to create a center to help vulnerable groups "Social Pantry"

07 Dec 2017, 17:59

In Lviv, deputies supported the idea of creating a social center "Social Chamber" on the basis of the center of the charitable foundation "Christian Center for Aid of Anna Maria", which in December 2016 was organized by a young couple in memory of his daughter

"The center collects things, provides assistance to vulnerable groups. Works on a volunteer basis and exists through charitable contributions. However, he needs more space for his activities, funds for its repair, "explains Iryna Orshak, a deputy of the People's Control faction in the Lviv City Council, who together with colleagues from other factions prepared a joint deputy appeal to the mayor.

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A social assistance center is planned to be opened in Lviv. How to join

1 November 2017, 18:16

As part of the Social Pantry public project, volunteers want to open a new large social center in Lviv, where those in need will be able to receive help, and the more affluent will leave things they do not need.
Lviv volunteers plan to open a new large social center in the city.
According to the plan, it will be able to receive large and low-income families, single mothers, families of anti-terrorist operation participants, people with disabilities, orphans and other socially vulnerable groups. Activists have developed a project "Social Chamber" based on the activities of the Charitable Foundation "Christian Help Center of Anna Maria".

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A center for helping people in need operates in Lviv. Those interested are asked to bring things and food

3May 1, 2017, 10:08 am 

In Lviv, in the premises of the Central Shopping Center on the street The warehouse of the charity organization "Anna-Maria Christian Help Center" is located at 106 Knyagini Olga Street. All needy people can get help here: clothes, shoes and other things.

The organization helps families with many children, low-income families, orphanages, regional homes for old women and more! Anyone who finds himself in a difficult situation can come to the warehouse and get help.

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