Beauty Day in the orphanage "Grace"

Yesterday we visited the Blagodat orphanage and arranged a small beauty day for the children. Hairstyles, haircuts, manicures and just communication, jokes, laughter, fun and not very stories. Feelings from joy to sadness - everything is mixed! You can write a book about each child, or make a movie, it is impossible to listen without compassion.



The story of Bohdana and Katya, students of the UCU Faculty of Psychology, about the Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation.

On Faculty of Health Sciences of UCU, students learn not only to “take” but also to “give” що what are we talking about?
Watch the video…

It's cool to be a volunteer! We learn to help

 Friday! Evening! It's 9:00 pm!

And we are still learning, planning, offering the Fund's development strategy for 2019!

We are learning to be volunteers!

We learn to properly help, not to educate and not to support social drones! Here is such a new term we have learned !!!
The training was conducted by an incredible woman @Oksana Rubay - a volunteer with more than 20 years of experience! An expert in the social sphere, educational issues and in general versatileyo-developed personality! Get knowledge from professionals who know "the kitchen from the inside", not just from the outside!
The topic was Strategic planning of the Social Chamber project. You remember our plans #social pantry #social_chamber ?!
In the near future we will be more active in informing you, because today only…

So, we decided on WHAT the Social Chamber is, WHO we help and WHO helps us, as well as HOW we help! This planning on the part of all volunteers (because everyone sees the process in their own way, and it is useful to hear the opinion of others) gave us many answers, structured our ideas and more clearly showed the action plan, the direction to go!

And yet, time in such a warm atmosphere of like-minded people is a great time! Such meetings are filled with warmth, it's interesting here!