Career guidance for children in SJO ?✈️

Career guidance for children in SZHO (difficult life circumstances) was great! You've probably seen the video from the tour!

It would seem that here is interesting and special - the airport? and airplanes✈️!
However, for children who have never flown or been at the airport, it is interesting?!

Everything is interesting: the new modern terminal of Lviv Danylo Halytsky International Airport, its huge territory, passage and inspection of things through an X-ray scanner?️?, so-so in terms of security everything was clearly according to the rules

The children were told about the history of the airport, the rules of conduct, the responsibilities of workers and a lot of different professions, each of which as an important link - a detail in the established mechanism!


Beauty holiday in Leshkivtsi

With God's help and thanks to caring and sincere hearts, we were able to cause joy and sincere smiles of our friends from the psycho-neurological boarding school.

And you know, they only saw us through the window, they immediately ran away with their arms… because they know for sure, they came to them))
… And we are so warm in the soul))…

Many thanks to our faithful friend Vitaliy Tsymbal without you, our trip would not have happened, thank you Oksana Krupa your mega cheesecake made a holiday for Natalochka's birthday, thank you Natalya Eliseeva for the wonderful candies made, and I want to celebrate Nataliya Stepanenko, who collected cosmetics and jewelry and made our friends not superb beauties.

We also thank our regular benefactors for the candy cookies.

Author: Nadyusha Levitska