In April alone, we were able to provide the necessary things for 231 people, which is 618 kg!

We do not have time to report on the activities of the warehouse! And the girls-volunteers work every day: every day they take things from you, sort them out, sort and decompose! Sometimes these are lever packages! There is always a lot of work and the result is much greater every time!

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HELLO Circus!

There is a category of children for whom the usual entertainment is something unusual and elusive! These are children from socially vulnerable families!
For our children wards thanks to our cooperation with Medical Corps Lviv Region and leadership Lviv Circus we were able to organize a trip to the Circus!

These big eyes, full of impressions and amazement from the children; these sincere emotions and applause of admiration!
It is worth all our efforts!
Thank you all for your support !!!

"We can't add days to life, but we can add life to days"

"We can't add days to life, but we can add life to days" With this slogan, the volunteers of Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation visited on May 10 hospice in the village. Olesko, Buz district.

We, united in a single team, with open hearts, sincere smiles, fruits, sweets, supported together with philanthropists needy lonely old women.

It is important to pay attention and care, because by showing our good attitude to others, we help to create an atmosphere of friendliness around us.

Life in the hospice continues, although patients are in hospital, but they want to know what is happening in the country, give their assessment of events, remember the past, because for them a big event - the arrival of volunteers.

On the eve of the holiday, mothers in Olesk remembered with sadness even those closest to them who protected them from worries and anxieties, because everyone had a childhood, and my mother's golden hands are remembered even by my grandmother.

We pass from the old women from the hospice a huge THANK YOU to all who joined this trip: some with their time, some with work, some with money, products and things.

We are grateful to the employees VetAgro , joined by individual food packages and hygiene products for the elderly.

We also express our gratitude Svetlana Lokotkova and her team Sontselevs are volunteer children in schools and kindergartens in Lviv , which involved Lviv educational institutions in collecting things.
In fact, educational institutions are very helpful, and we are happy that we have such a healthy future growing up and growing up!
We thank each institution separately, because a lot of them joined - watch the posts in the group!
Only together can we do great good deeds!

Special thanks to the staff who work hard every day.

I want to believe that the volunteer movement in Ukraine will prosper thanks to active people.
Join us in a team and make the world more humane together.
#BF_Anni_Maria_humbers' homes

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