Volunteers ask to help children from Bukivske boarding school in Lviv region

On August 4, volunteers of the Anna Maria Charitable Foundation are organizing a trip to the Bukivske orphanage and asking people who care to collect necessary items for the girls and women who live there.

This is reported on the website of the charitable organization. site charitable organization.

"As you know, funding for this type of institution at the state level is not sufficient! Therefore, there is an urgent need for many things. The orphanage is home to 90 girls aged 5 and up to adulthood, who are still children at heart," the volunteers say.

They are asking for help to collect the necessary things for the girls, namely: adult diapers (sizes S and L), diapers (sizes 5, 6), sanitary pads, yogurt, buns, bananas, candy, cookies.

"The institution also needs single beds, bedside mats - you may know and have a way to negotiate with hotels that write off old sets. Volunteers are needed for the trip, because we have only 1 car," the message says.

The charitable organization encourages people to join the team of volunteers for trips to such institutions.

Those who are not indifferent can also transfer funds to the account listed on the Facebook page of the foundation:





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