Activities of the Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation during the epidemic and quarantine

1️⃣ ASSISTANCE IN PROVIDING BASIC NEEDS (food kits, hygiene and protection products) for the Foundation's wards and other socially vulnerable groups
NEEDS: fundraising, products and more


3️⃣ Organization ”of VOLUNTEER SEWING DEPARTMENT for sewing masks. Already launched.
NEEDS: volunteers - tailors, fabrics, threads, and especially rubber bands !!!!

4️⃣ MOBILE GROUP - volunteers by car, to help with the collection, delivery of materials and assistance. With maximum safety!
NEEDS: volunteers with own transport, fuel cards, means of protection: respirators, gloves, antiseptic

We respond quickly to the most pressing requests and needs. Therefore, follow the news in the group. Maybe tomorrow there will be a new idea ?
We ask for maximum unity in difficult times and support in good intentions.

A great example of unity for good in difficult times.

The formula is simple: volunteer service Maryana Maryana at Church of St. Vladimir and Olga + our efforts with you from Anna Maria Charitable Foundation = more than 100 a little happier people who will not suffer from hunger in the near future.

On Tuesday it was handed out at Center of mercy and delivered to homes a total of 80 packages with products and means of hygiene.

Maybe such a package is not too much valuable to most of us. But it is difficult to convey the emotions of people for whom that pack of buckwheat - as a holiday, and cookies - the most delicious dessert ..

We did it together!
Thanks to everyone who joined!

Sincere thanks Maryana Maryana  for her not so simple service and organization.

Thank you to our volunteers Vasily Roy Taras Zvarych Igor Okarma.
Thank you so much Natalia Natalia for very significant help with products!
Good people who donated antiseptics, gloves, masks and everyone who helped financially. There will be more ?

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