We are learning

No snow, no disease, no lockdown prevents us from learning ?
This together with Victoria Sadovska passed online training.
Already the third module of training from Lviv Educational Foundation according to the program "Children, the specialist and me".
Very useful topics: "Nonviolent communication, empathy, burnout, roles and responsibilities of various actors in the child protection system."

Thank you:

for very useful information, practical work, experience, organization.

Especially relevant about burnout .. With our pace, mega activities, a bunch of challenges, difficulties .. How many times are we with Yura Gupalo
tired just "fell". But, an incredibly powerful force, an incredibly deep motivation - raises again and again.
God leads, directs, gives strength, inspiration, vision, support in our work. But, our responsibility is to learn to regulate correctly, to set boundaries, to stop in time, to take into account our needs, to recover ... Because a person who does not know how to help himself cannot help others. God Himself says: "I want mercy, not sacrifice" ❤️
The wave of activity carries us with great speed and power. Often, this is detrimental to personal interests, family, and even health. But, we are learning ? I believe that it will be possible to change, normalize, bring everything to the level of wise service, reduce speed and help with quality.
These final stages of repair in the new center are at maximum speed, because the masters work very productively, one process adjusts another. But I hope that we will open the "Social Pantry" and get to that convenient speed ?