Garden for the elderly in the hospice in the village. Yosypivka

Due to quarantine, we cannot often visit the elderly in nursing homes, as we used to do, and we do not forget about them.
Once upon a time, our wonderful volunteer Lyuba, who coordinates this area, had a great idea - to plant a garden on the territory of the hospice in the village. Yosypivka, where we used to go often. And on October 23 we managed to realize this idea.
In collaboration with Natalia Stepanenko and the Landscaping Project planted trees on the premises to add a little color and benefit to the lives of single people living in this hospice. Thank you for your cooperation.
And you, Tupychak Love Thank you for your work, assistance, organization, search for funding and support of this idea!
By the way, the project was planned with the previous head doctor, who, unfortunately, did not, and he did not have time to implement it.
So it turned out that we laid the garden in memory of Yaroslav SULIPI!
When the trees bloom in the spring, we will install benches and the old man will be able to relax: sit, admire the beauty of flowers, communicate under the warm sun. And in a couple of years there will be a cool full-fledged garden and a good place for body and soul, which is so necessary for these people.
Planting a garden is a project that is endowed with warmth, kindness and grace. It inspires faith and hope.
Thanks to everyone who joined?
You are incredible.
And soon we want to visit the already dear grandparents and bring them some joy and treats from Nicholas. Shall we bring them together something useful and enjoyable?
You can: socks, underwear, warm tights, leggings, sports pants, slippers, hygiene products, diapers, some sweets and fruit, towels, bedding.
You don't need different clothes. Is something so festive (beautiful sweaters for the elderly, scarves ..). Or buy the necessary.

Calendar of useful exercises at the Center for Assistance and Development

We invite you to our new Center for Assistance and Development – to gain useful knowledge and have a pleasant and good time.

Anyone can attend the training!

You can come with children for whom volunteers will conduct interesting classes and workshops.

Participation is free for people from wards and needy families.

For all others - the cost of training: a voluntary charitable donation.

To attend the event - you must pre-register -
contact phone number: 0984968865 Galina .

The exercises are held in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures.

IMPORTANT: Only people without signs of a cold (cough, fever, runny nose) are allowed to participate in the training. Entrance only in protective masks.

Training will be conducted online during the lockdown.