Kherson..?? Needs help and support now.

Sent in February 1 ton clothes, bedding, toys and more for people who stay there and now.
❗️Looking at these photos brings tears to my eyes... Because of how much grief this rotten nation has brought to people...?
People lived peacefully, built houses, sowed fields, lived their usual lives.
And one day they came and took everything...? And now they are mercilessly firing and killing.
We thank the brave volunteers and organizers of the trip - the partners of Pasta Kafe, who delivered all this to people ?
Kherson is Ukraine??

During the last week of March, you and I did a lot:

▪️about 279 people received 322 kg of clothes from the Fund ? and shoes ?, diapers, mashed potatoes and jelly candies? from @Be A Hero UA, blankets and women's pads from @BO OKTAR Lviv
Thank you for your cooperation! ❤️
When the people we help start sharing with others, this is mutual help - the goal of our activity?
The family that turns to us for help brought potatoes!
And we were able to distribute it to other visitors?
▪️both in the rain and in the snow, our visitors receive 750 ready meals ? from PastaCafe .
▪️5 shipments with products, canned goods, warmers, energy supplies were made for the guys who protect us ?.
▪️2 shipments of food and clothing for military personnel to the hospital.
▪️1 ton of clothes and shoes were shipped for the population in Borynsk OTG
▪️2 cars with sorted clothes (500 kg) went to dog shelters ?.
Maria Shiyka, as always, received pastries and dumplings from the Culinary Front. ?? The Fund gave flour to working girls for further work. Thank you very much for your tireless work!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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We share with you the results of our work for the past year

Thank you to each of you for your help, support, and donations! Without you, the numbers would be much smaller

Behind every number is the titanic work of volunteers, benefactors, coordinators, ordinary people and, of course, the Armed Forces of Ukraine??

Hundreds of agreements, agreements, organizations, facaps, deadlines for sleepless nights ?

We responded to most proposals and projects, because we knew that we have a large number of people who will need this help?

Clothes, food, hygiene, medicines, things for the military...
Tons of sorting, loads.
Mostly with the fragile handles of our bees in the warehouse.
Our Help Center has been a constant stream of traffic that hasn't stopped since day one of full-scale.

More to come. Together we will win??

Bombing has started...

My daughter and I got together and an hour later we were on the train.
- Our visitor Kateryna tells us her story, - 14 hours on one leg: no toilet, no food... The car is full ?
No words, only children whimpering and crying... darkness...
Arrived in Lviv - curfew. We sat on the floor of the station until 6 o'clock.
And then we took a minibus to the apartment.
And it seems that the whole life has remained there, and as if you are waiting, and how much longer...
And you have to live, survive here.
It's difficult... alone"
We have many stories, we will introduce you to people who come to us for help in times of trouble.
Do you remember how at the beginning of the war you and I carried food and warm things to the station!
Both then and now, we give hope, support, and give strength that they are not alone!
We are close ??

Another week of war behind us, one more week we are closer to victory.

-close 250 people were able to get clothes ?, shoes ?, diapers, chocolate milk, cottage cheese ? from the Foundation Ukrainian Federation of Food Banks and other things.

In general, we have already distributed all the food boxes from partners ?) And there were as many as 200 of them!!!
Thank you for the fruitful cooperation!

We have practically no products now. And requests do not decrease each time.
Especially often mothers with children apply.

Therefore, we are looking for partners for mutual assistance to people in need?

▪️750 ready meals ? thanks to our friends from Pasta Caffé distributed to our visitors. Thank you for your constant cooperation ?!!!
▪️16 loads Monday through Friday were shipped and delivered thanks to Nova Poshta Humanitarian and tireless volunteers to our defenders.

With your help, we are able to give the boys chemical heaters, gas cylinders, power banks, batteries, sleeping mats, flashlights, canned goods, cookies, energy drinks, and drinks.

With the help of tireless workers from Culinary Front @Mariya Shiyka the "Anna-Maria" BF has the ability to load cars going to the East with pastries, dumplings, and dumplings. ??
Thank you all for your joint work and common steps towards a quick victory!!! ??

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