The aim of the project is to help children who are in difficult life circumstances to decide on a profession, get acquainted with various fields, as well as cultural and educational development of children through excursions and open days in various organizations.
Лист до Миколая
St. Nicholas Day is the time when people remember good deeds the most. For the third year in a row, Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation is organizing a holiday - the realization of children's dreams for children from needy families. This year, with your help, 150 gift letters have been collected. But this is only a tiny fraction, compared to the number of children who need help. Benefits - all year round! They exist, they live, they exist, and not only on Nicholas! And we work for help and a better life for them. So help us realize this DREAM OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN !!! (read below)
Діти сироти
When there is someone around you, but at the same time so lonely! And you are waiting… sometimes you do not know who you are waiting for! It happens that children have the person they are looking forward to, with whom they can talk about everything in the world, who will hug them, say a warm word, support them!
Подаруємо нашим діточкам незабутнє свято, адже Різдво це час див і мрій що збуваються! Маємо понад 190 листів в очікуванні подаруночків! Але на наших підопічних чекають не лише подарунки, а й фрукти, солодощі, сюрпризи і незабутнє святкування для усіх сімей разом з нашими волонтерами та аніматорами. Приєднуйся і ти :)