Mykolay, thanks to your support!!!

Миколай для потребуючих діток

About campaign

For almost 2 weeks, the generous Nicholas delighted the children. For us, this is a real miracle, which was achieved thanks to joint efforts ?

This year, it was more difficult than ever to organize the Nicholas holiday for the needy children of our community and not only ?! After all, everyone has their own troubles, war, lack of light and mass shelling.
And the children were waiting, asking everything, whether it is possible to write a letter, because I need shoes, and I need a hat and a warm jacket?‍?‍?...

? But thanks to your support St. Nicholas Day was very successful and we have a lot to tell you.

? This year we organized a charity event for

  • needy children who write their letters to the "Anna-Maria" charity fund every year
  • children from affected communities (IDPs),
  • children with disabilities,
  • children whose parents are currently at the front and
  • for the children of fallen Heroes of Ukraine.
  • for the children who remained in the frontline cities
  • for our cats of the ZSU
Mykolay visited us for a wonderful event. It was so cozy, beautiful, fun. And there were also a lot of gifts. Children received gifts in the form of sweets, shoes, clothes, stationery, toys and hygiene products

DESPITE the hard times, this year Nicholas was generous and in abundance, thanks to your support we were able to hand out gifts even closer 200 children, who came to us in December.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the organization of the holiday and helped us in any way.

The Outreach Foundation
Vykintas Genys
Ada company
BO BF "Ai House"

Thank you Nova Poshta Humanitarian for the opportunity to send without payment! For your care and participation in the holiday?

And we also thank the good entrepreneurs who handed over the tangerines?

And to all those who gave sweets, different gifts ?

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