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This year we plan to prepare gifts for 500 children! ✔️ Children from needy families ✔️ Children from socially vulnerable families of IDPs ✔️ Children from front-line Kostyantynivka

For the second year in a row, letters to St. Nicholas are filled not with material, but with entirely different, simpler, and more important requests. 🎅

"To have Mom and Dad close, health, peace, a warm jacket and gloves, and if possible, a small toy too. 🥺"

We hesitated for a long time about organizing a charitable St. Nicholas event for needy children because the financial situation is tough for everyone... However, when you look into the eyes of these kids, you clearly understand, that if not for them, then for whom? For the sake of whom?

Because children are the ones for whose future we strive 🫶!
Because children are growing here and now.
And they need life and childhood already. 🧒

🧷 This year, we plan to prepare gifts for 500 children! And only with your help, we can achieve this. 💪

✔️These are local children from needy families whom we take care of.
✔️These are children from socially vulnerable IDP families.
✔️And also children from front-line Kostyantynivka.
Yes, there will still be children there, no matter how sad it is😢, and they are waiting for a miracle!

🧸Hats and gloves, small toys and board games, books and puzzles, sweets and fruits.

And we need your help! 🤝

If you would like to join and become one of St. Nicholas's helpers, consider one of the following options for active assistance:

Fundraising from donors or companies.

"Involving your class/school/company (where children study or where you work)."

Organizing a collection of sweets or fruits.

Perhaps someone has organizational skills, or experience, and is willing to take on the entire direction of organization.

Join us with donations.

We are looking for active individuals who want to become helpers and bring a little magic into the lives of children. ♥️

We are looking for people who are ready to support the campaign with donations, this is also very important. Your contributions will help us realize this initiative and make the lives of these children happier. Every hryvnia counts, every donation from you will help bring a smile to a little face!

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Let's make St. Nicholas 2023 together even more joyful, warmer, and brighter!!!

Our Photo Report 2023

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