"Social pantry" - let's do it together !!!


About campaign

The "social pantry" is a social center where there will be resources where a person can come so that we can dress him, put him in clothes, pack food for him at home and various means, where children are sent to master classes and parents to study. The center will have a lawyer, psychologist, and social worker, so that we can think comprehensively about how to help a family cope with a crisis situation, rather than just packing a package of things and sending it back with the same problem.


- a place where a person in a crisis situation can turn and receive free versatile assistance ..


GOAL - to help at least 50,000 people in 10 years.
    • Help people cope with difficult life circumstances
    • Work comprehensively to solve problems
    • Educate a "healthy" future generation by showing children from socially vulnerable families
      opportunities to "get out of poverty"
    • Change "consumption" to "mutual aid"
    • Educate the right Christian and family values
    • Promote the volunteer movement
    • Unite and involve the community to help others
    • Give new knowledge, the opportunity to develop and change consciousness
The idea of creating a "Social Chamber"

The idea is based on the successful activities of the Foundation, experience and understanding in the social sphere. A small Help Center (Warehouse) has been successfully operating for 2 years Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation, where more than 4,000 people have already received assistance. However, the possibilities of the current Center are very limited.

The opening of the "Social Chamber" is a large-scale expansion and improvement of opportunities for integrated work and quality change.
To implement the project, the Lviv City Council leased premises with an area of 325 square meters. for 10 years.

It is now more important than ever to open a Center for Socially Vulnerable Families, as deinstitutionalization reform is now in full swing.

The statistics are shocking: only 9% children in boarding schools are orphans, the remaining 91% are from dysfunctional families and have parents and guardians.

For the best possible result of family reunification it is necessary to support crisis families, to help them to stand on feet!

And the Social Chamber sets itself such tasks!


    • There is a room with an area of 325 square meters + 150 square meters. loft
    • Free rent for 10 years
    • Project cost UAH 2,200,000 (80,000§)
    • At least 50,000 people will be able to receive assistance

1) Divide the total amount of the project by the number of people who will receive assistance:
UAH 2,200,000 / 50,000 persons = UAH 44 / person
2) What will a person get as a result:
invested 44 UAH x work center = each person will receive free of charge:

1) clothing and footwear
2) food and hygiene products
3) appliances and furniture
4) training and master classes
5) development
6) moral and spiritual support
7) employment assistance
8) assistance in starting your own business
9) the opportunity to help others

3) For comparison!
If you consider the option of paid rent of another ready-to-use room (without investing in repairs) is minimal
cost of UAH 150 / sq.m .:
325 sq.m. * UAH 150 = UAH 48,750 / month
48 750 UAH * 12 months * 10 years = 5 850 000 UAH (the amount of rent for the premises IF YOU RENT 10 years)

(ATTENTION! This room is rented by LMR for UAH 1 / sq.m. Per year)

How to join:

1. Financial assistance
2. Purchase of necessary materials or payment for services
3. Assistance with physical labor
4. Dissemination of information and involvement of others in project support
5. Assistance with the organization of social entrepreneurship
6. Placing "Banks of good" (boxes for collecting money) in your store / cafe / enterprise
7. Carrying out of the Charitable training / marathon / auction / sale / action (all withdrawn funds will be used to support the project)
8. Provision of a gift certificate / goods / services that will be used for the good deeds of the Foundation (Charitable drawing in the group,
gift for wards, awarding the most active volunteers, etc.)
9. Payment of rent and utilities for the current Fund (according to receipts)
10. Providing fuel cards as a gift for trips to institutions and visits to families

!!! If you are a business manager, offer certain services or goods - we invite you to become a SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE PARTNER
Foundation and do good deeds together.

WRITE YOUR NAME IN HISTORY! The names of the organizations of sponsors, philanthropists and volunteers will be entered in the "BOOK OF GOODNESS"
and depicted on the great "WALL OF GOODNESS" in the new Center.


1) Why invest such a large amount in the renovation of the premises?
It is 3 times more expensive to rent a room with equipment suitable for the Center's work (calculation for comparison - see above).
2) Why another help center, if there are already similar ones in Lviv?
The uniqueness of the IC in a comprehensive approach to solving the problems of the needy. And the help provided by the Center is a combination of efforts
community and involving people in helping others. Even if 20 more such centers are opened, they will not cover people's needs…
3) Who will the center help?
Low-income, large and single-parent families; families in crisis (85% children in boarding schools have living parents); families raising children with
disability and serious illness; pupils and graduates of boarding schools; lonely old women; psychoneurological dispensaries.
4) Maybe it's better to give this money to people and buy them everything they need?
It is possible to distribute funds, but this will not change the situation of the needy. The money invested in the project, which will be multiplied by the activities of the center,
will bring 10 times more benefits to a person than just giving him 44 hryvnias.
5) Why are you doing this?
The fund was established by the young couple Christina and Yuri Gupalo in memory of their first daughter Anna-Maria. The little girl lived
only 12 days, but managed to change the lives of parents, and now changes the fate of thousands of people.
6) And what is your benefit?
Opportunity to realize your vocation in life and transform the great pain of loss into saving others.
7) If the center is launched, at what cost will it be maintained and operated?
On the basis of the Center several directions of social entrepreneurship are designed, which in the future should fully provide
project work, as well as provide opportunities for development.
8) Often, people get used to help and it hurts them. Have you had such cases?
Yes, unfortunately, this is a common situation. Therefore, we teach the wards not only to "take" but also to "give". Beneficiaries join
volunteering, helping to sort clothes in the Warehouse, visiting children in orphanages, sharing their own products
(villagers). And in the New Center, even more will be able to join their work, time, skills to help others



A young mother raises two small children herself. She has no support from her relatives, as she is a pupil of an orphanage. Very
diligent, loving mother. But, tomorrow her children can be removed from the family, because there is a real threat to their lives. The walls of the old woman
clay huts falling apart. The family may be left homeless. And worst of all, children can be separated from their mothers, and she knows it well,
what is it like to be brought up in an orphanage without the love of relatives…

In a good average family, which plans its future, builds a house, arranges a farm - suddenly there is a big
woe is me, my mother dies. The man is left alone with three children. He has health problems and needs surgery. Work actively
can't because she is sick and has 3 small children who need care. Unfinished construction is beginning to collapse, more is needed
a lot of work and money to provide comfort for children…

A wonderful Christian family with 9 children. Of course, someone can condemn… They live in very modest conditions. But, in a big way
parental love and care, which is often so lacking in many families, even with 1 child. There are no expensive gadgets, toys in this family,
wealth, but there is friendship and support. But all children need entertainment and comprehensive development. And the leisure of this family, often,
limited to a trip to the playground. One boy loves to read books, and especially, great interesting encyclopedias about
animals, and they are not cheap. Girls love to wear beautiful dresses and beautiful hair ornaments. And the youngest, asked Nicholas
gingerbread in chocolate and 0.5 kg of jelly candies. And how everyone loves to attend children's events, puppet theater, interesting workshops…

By joining forces, we have been able to support these families and hundreds of others.

And we strive to do it even more, even better! We already have experience, we know how to do it! But we really need better opportunities!
Help us help others!
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