Charity contribution! Nicholas for the old ladies!


About campaign

These are wrinkled by time, often helpless - like children, waiting for some kind of miracle, impressions! But every day they see the gray walls of the hospital, poor food?, and now also cold and darkness!

You and I can add colors to their lives! It takes quite a bit!
Our tireless bee Tupychak Love (@tupychak) organizes a trip to geriatric boarding house in Olesko.

It is very necessary:
▪️Gingerbread for Nicholas (they will be infinitely happy)
▪️ Buns
▪Cake without cream
▪ Dry cookies
▪Warm terry or knitted socks
▪️Shampoos, soap
▪️ Wet wipes
Disposable diapers
▪️Diapers for adults
▪️ Canned food
▪️ Cereals
▪ Oil

Trip coordinator @Tupychak Ljubov

Please support the trip financially!

Privat official account key card:

5169 3305 1908 8956

From a card of another bank:
MFI 325321
USREO 41024159
Purpose of payment: "Charity contribution for old women"


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