The war continues

– "Guys/girls, what do you need?"
- "Weapons, cars..."
- "And with such household items, how can we help within the limits of the fund?"
- "I don't know... but everything seems to be there🧐»
- "Well, what do you buy while there, what do you spend on?"
- "So: napkins, goodies, some more varied food, energy drinks (I know it's harmful, but besides that it's very difficult in outfits and on combat missions)."
On Tuesday, we had an extremely large broadcast: ❗️❗️We sent 3 tons of food, drinks and other necessary things to the Bakhmut direction.
✔️1 ton of canned vegetables and fruits, 1221 kg of drinks, 200 kg of other products and necessary means.
Thank you to everyone who contributed (funds for the transportation of this humanitarian aid from Poland, sorting, loading).
The war continues! We have new urgent needs: tents and mosquito repellents.

As always, in addition to helping the needy, we accept our defenders in the fund💙💛.

And, of course, we give them goodies and necessary things, like our own children. So that they don't waste money on such trifles.

And you can already trace the trend: the words and mood are combative, elevated.
But the eyes... the eyes are screaming about pain, pity for fellow citizens💔.

So I want to hug each of them, to say such deep words of support.
That even though we are here at home in relative safety, our heart is with you near ♥️.
Not an hour goes by without us thinking about you, about the war! How hard, scary, cruel you are! We know…
We have not forgotten. And we will never forget.
We also put on a smile, speak uplifting words, joke, live. But, our eyes... Full of pity and pain.

We report in a week:
🖍 30 liters of various drinks, 240 cans of energy were sent to the east.
🖍 The border troops handed over to the defenders - products, energy, a dry shower, and mosquito repellent.
🖍 city of Siversk, Donetsk region -
24.5 kg of products, 10 kg of canned goods in metal cans, 45 liters of drinks, 240 energy cans.
🖍 city of Bakhmut -
energy, mosquito repellent, hygiene products, dry shower
🖍 Zaporozhye direction -
17.2 kg of products, 63 liters of drinks.
🖍 Rivne direction -
products, canned goods, drinks, energy products.

We often receive requests to send by mail, since they rarely send home (
Thank you Nova Poshta Humanitarian for fast delivery even to the most difficult places. But for covering the cost of delivery.

It is very urgent for the military to counterattack!!!

❗️4-seater tents are needed.
Clarification: "so that you can "live" with them even in the cold.
If necessary, it would be possible to put a "burzuyka" there.
There can be old-type awnings, or some with an inner insulating lining"
Received a request from the advancing military.
All the buildings are destroyed, and there is nowhere to hide even from the rain.

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The last month of summer has begun.

 On February 24, 2022, it was hard to imagine that the war could last so long. 😔
Thank you to everyone who works and makes efforts for our victory! 💪Thanks to those who bring items! 📖👗Thanks to those who sort clothes! Thank you to those who transport goods with their vehicles🚘! Thanks to those who cook!🍴 Thanks to those who donate! 💵 ... Thank you boy 🧍, who bought cat food with his own pocket money 🐈‍⬛ and products for defenders🇺🇦! Thank you EVERYONE!!! 🫶
We report on the work of the Foundation for the past week:
▪️ 174 people turned to us for help. They received 185 kg of clothes and shoes, food, diapers, baby food.
▪️350 delicious ready-made lunches were received from BF "Food of the Future" and distributed during the week.
▪️67 kg of pastries and 27 kg of dumplings were prepared for the boys - defenders of working women from the Culinary Front, Maria Shiyka.
▪️for the needs of the Culinary Front, products, drinks and hygiene products were issued from the Fund;
▪️6 shipments of food, beverages, energy, mosquito repellents, etc. were made to Mariupol, Liman, Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka.

One week closer to victory!

Another week of war behind.
Here is the report for another week of the Fund's work:
▪️ 256 people received from the Foundation 255 kg of clothes and shoes, 35 kg of products, 13 packages of diapers, hygiene products, baby food, a stroller, as well as 7 "Christian alphabets" 📖 from PUBLIC ORGANIZATION FUND FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF UKRAINE.
▪️thanks to cooperation 🤝 with Ukrainian Federation of Food Banks managed to issue another 41 boxes with products, 3 kg of cookies🍪, 34 packs of Hipp🍼 and 4 large cans of peas🫛.
▪️for 350 ready-made lunches, as always, we thank the BF "Food of the Future" 🫶.
▪️4 kg of food and 90 kg of clothes went to a psychiatric hospital.
▪️7 cars were sent to our defenders in Kupyansk, Kramatorsk, Zaporizhzhia and other cities and villages.

We are looking for sponsors and benefactors ready to help the military!

We are constantly looking for sponsors, benefactors and organizations (including international ones)🤝, who are ready to help not only the injured people, but also the military.
After all, they are our relatives: husbands/wives, parents, brothers/sisters, our children🥺... were ordinary civilians until recently.
And now we want to take care of them, to improve their condition at least a little in such hellish conditions of fighting and service💪
We have a small report of the considerable work done in a few days:
📌 Two shipments to Zaporozhye:
– The first shipment: 40 kg of products, 4 kg of canned goods, 81 liters of various drinks, 24 energy packs, 25 hygiene kits, 5 ointments, 6 mosquito sprays.
– The second shipment: 20.7 kg of products, 10.7 kg of metal canned food cans, 12 liters of beverages, 92 energy cans, 11 packs. Hygiene products, 10 mosquito sprays.
📌 Zaporozhye direction:
– products, energy, hygiene products, dry shower and mosquito repellents.
📌 Bakhmut direction:
– products, dry shower, mosquito repellents.
📌 Kramatorsk:
- products and energy.
📌 Pokrovsk:
– 56.4 kg of products, 21 kg of metal canned food cans, 96 liters of beverages, 240 energy cans.
📌 Donetsk direction:
- a lot of goodies, products, drinks, energy boosters.
📌 Rivne direction:
– 27 kg of products, 4.1 kg of canned goods, 51 liters of various drinks, diapers and 5 packs. medicines
📌 Rivne training ground:
– 6 kg of products, 16 cans of energy, t-shirts, underpants 4 pcs., hygiene 8 packs.
We look for and get basic help in stock, but often there are urgent needs that need to be purchased and transferred as quickly as possible.

April 20 - Volunteer Appreciation Day!

☺️We try to thank our volunteers for their work every day, but today we thank them in a special way. ?

Without our dear volunteers, our Foundation could not function as it is now. We are moving at a breakneck pace. ??
Volunteering united us all. And we became a big friendly family❤️

We appreciate the work of each of our volunteers! Thank you for being with us. Let's do good together??

Happy Easter!

Our defenders sent us a photo of the unwrapping of the goodies they received along with the most sincere greetings for the Easter holidays.
We are very grateful to everyone who pitches in and helps us support our soldiers. We couldn't do it without you. Thank you for your support and kindness!

Christ is Risen! And Ukraine will rise ??

Our defenders are not the only ones to treat our defenders to the bright Easter holiday!
Thank them for life! Thank you for having loved ones and relatives nearby! For the fact that we can glorify God with our families on the day of Resurrection!

How could we help you?!

How valuable is it when, in the middle of helping others, we hear: how could we help you?!
And, by the way, we hear such words more and more often?
?The purpose of our activity: mutual assistance!
We want not just to help, but to change people's thinking!
?Anyone can be a driver of change! For this you do not need to have everything, or be successful, or any other conditions!
Everyone can be useful and share a piece for someone!
Such an active society will be able to bring the country to the highest level of development?
Many thanks to our already regular visitors of IDPs, who not only come to receive help, but also volunteered to help us!!!
?They shelled the nuts, which the Housewives of the Culinary Front will use for baking.

Do something every day to win - Our wartime credo!

And now we are planning to buy military soft stretchers for the wounded in Bakhmut.
The more we collect, the more we buy. And it is very important that every soldier has such a necessary thing with him! Support:
Yes, we do not transfer weapons or other such powerful things, but we can help with what is within our competence: clothes, underwear and socks to support hygiene, sleeping bags and sleeping bags - everything that can be done without, but with which they will be much more comfortable .
And goodies from the "past peaceful" life.
And this is about Care and love♥️!
From Ukrainian defenders ?? received a photo report with sincere words of gratitude and share it with you❤️
Thank you for helping us! Because we have something to convey!
For the Armed Forces sent to:
?Zhytomyr region - products and energy drinks.
?Druzhkivka - canned goods, energy drinks, trench candles, gingerbread cookies and samples.
?Rivne region - two shipments:
– canned food, drying for feet, medicines, socks, underpants;
– 2 batteries, food, flashlights, underpants, t-shirts, dry shower, socks, poncho.
?Donetsk region - sleeping bags and sleeping bags.
?Kreminna - products, canned goods, drinks, energy drinks, rubber slippers.
We remind you that we have a Telegram channel, we invite you to:

We are reaching a new level - friendship and interaction with other organizations

With our new partners The right to protection, which is a partner of UNHCR in Ukraine, we started cooperation.?
300 beautiful jumbo kits were distributed in our Help and Development Center.
In total, 300 families with children received large and varied assistance.
This project is aimed at a vulnerable category of our country: forcibly resettled families from affected communities (IDPs).
In this difficult time for most of them, such help is not only a relief in material terms. This is support in times of uncertainty and uncertainty.
That they are not alone, that in case of trouble they can get help and not be left alone!
We received incredible reviews and words of gratitude from visitors♥️
Thank you The right to protection for cooperation and for the opportunity to help together!

Before the holidays, work and visitors do not decrease.

Last week:
▪️received 208 visitors, who received 176 kg of clothes, diapers, grocery sets, potatoes from the Foundation ?. We also gave out mashed potatoes and jelly candy? from Be A Hero UA , female pads from BO OKTAR Lviv . For the new women's T-shirts, we thank the Departamentowi Wszporpary Zagranicznej i Rozwoju Gospodarczego Wojewódstwa Kujawsko-Pomorskiego, and for the dry breakfast Fundacja Bank Żywności w Toruniu.
◾️Ready-made meals: this is a significant help for families, especially with children.
Saving time and money. Thank you PastaCafe for 600 ready meals ? (and that's 150 pieces!!! every day). They flew away in 20 minutes.
By the way, this time, 100 kg of carrot puree was sent from the Foundation to prepare sauces for these dinners. ?
B – Mutual aid. It's always more efficient!
▪️ flour, sugar, salt, oil, and canned fruit were given to the Lviv Oblast "Happy Family" union of large families.
▪️uploaded 7 shipments for soldiers to the front: food, drinks, canned goods, energy supplies, sleeping bags, flashlights, socks, batteries...

We are ready to welcome Easter!!!

"It's not me who beats, the willow beats!
The red egg is not far away!
It will be EASTER in a week from now!!!"
On the eve of Easter, our city traditionally holds spring fairs.
And our bee girls, like real Galician housewives, did a great job on Wednesday: they washed the windows, swept all the nooks and crannies, cleaned everything... and did not forget to festively decorate with willow twigs and Easter eggs!
We are ready to welcome Easter!!! And how are you doing with cleaning and washing windows this year?)

They gathered a serviceman to the front ??

For more than a year, our brave defenders have been repelling full-scale attacks and driving enemies from our land.
More and more soldiers are replenishing the ranks of the Armed Forces and are sent to help in hot spots.

Our girls from the warehouse already know, sometimes even better than the new recruits, what will be needed there?

"Hot" needs for the military:
• evacuation stretchers
• cylinders
• tactical raincoats
• rubber boots with insulation
•honey, nuts, dried fruits
• warm clothes: fleeces, warm sweaters, T-shirts, thermal underwear, mittens, underpants, socks.

Join us in helping our military.
And it is also very important to take care of our boys and girls in prayer ??
After all, spiritual support is very important.
We believe in victory! We believe in ZSU!??

"Let the children come to me and do not stop them, because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those like them!"

Lent is a time when we can recover spiritually and morally
Each of us can sacrifice something important to him in order to spiritually connect even more with Jesus.

Children from the parish of the Volodymyr and Olga Church on Symonenko decided to give up sweets and gathered to make energy bars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine??

Children are rays of God's love. They know how to love in a way that adults cannot. I imagine how healing and nutritious those bars are, because they contain a piece of their pure love♥️
We are waiting for each and every one of them to win alive and healthy??

You are the first to meet the enemy! We stand with you until the end!

Military border guards keep a watchful eye on the direction of demarcation from the Russian Federation.
They often sneakily receive raids and shelling from the enemy.
We received thanks from the military from the Sumy border.
Almost every day we send transmissions to our defenders??
We thank God and you that we still have something to send.