List of current needs

Current needs for our defenders for the summer season:

(taking into account what is asked of us and what we do not have)


  • means against mosquitoes / ticks and after bites: sprays, spirals
  • anti-allergic and pain-relieving drugs (except paracetamol)
  • means for foot hygiene (teymur ointment and spray, sudokrem, antifungal agents, powders)
  • turnstiles 
  • disposable souls
  • wet wipes in small packages
  • portable showers
  • power banks
  • headlamps + AAA batteries
  • T-shirts (green, khaki, pixel), underpants
  • tactical socks and regular thin socks
  • caps, gentlemen
  • tactical gloves and work gloves
  • gas cylinders, burners
  • mattresses, sleeping bags
  • washing and cleaning products


  • coffee
  • sugar in the stacks 
  • goodies: candies, cookies, energy bars, etc. sweets
  • dried fruits, nuts
  • preserves, pastes
  • sausages in a vacuum
  • sauces
  • dry soups, vermicelli and other fast food
  • canned meat and fish
  • barnacle
  • water, drinks