Don't be afraid to dream!

Dreaming is wonderful, interesting, useful!

And the image of a dream is already a step towards its achievement!

Thank you to the organizers Make a Dream Come True and TV channel 1+1 for inviting our foster families with children to such a wonderful event!

Children enthusiastically drew their dreams! Parents and children were also struck by the thirst and love of life Nick Vujicic (Nick Vujcic), his strength and endurance!
The holiday was wonderful!

At the start, attention, go! ???

It was incredible!!!

Our wards of children from low-income and large families - visited a wonderful trip to the Police!))?‍✈️?‍✈️?‍♀️

They were waiting for them: demonstration performances of cadets on the street, police dogs? with dog trainers, demonstration of weapons?⚔️, investigative laboratory?️‍♀️ and much more interesting

UH, we are sure that among these young men and women in the future there will be real policemen, so for now we are only acquainting them with the options of professions)

And at the very end - a trip to the pizzeria?)))

Thank you very much for your cooperation Lviv State University of Internal Affairs for valuable knowledge for older children and exciting emotions for the youngest!

We thank our Volunteers for organizing and coordinating: Natalia Stepanenko, Maryana Lesyk, Galya Dumanska and Maria Hornyak-Lukyanova


A single mother asks for help with the repair of the house where the walls are falling

Top news of Lviv 23.10 - Marta Kohut, October 23, 5:32 p.m.

The building, which looks more like a barn, is an old clay house in Novy Mylyatyn in the Busk district. Here lives a single mother with two small children. The house was given to the woman by the village council when she left the orphanage. But now the woman needs the help of caring people to complete the repairs and arrange the conditions in the house. After all, social workers threatened to take her children away.



Those who care are asked to help the orphan with the repair of the emergency house

 Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 1:15 p.m.



The project "Social Chamber" of the Anna-Maria Charitable Foundation calls on all concerned to help with the repair of the emergency house where a mother with two children lives.

Lilya is an orphan, mother of two, who lives without a husband in an actually ruined house.

“History is tested and true! He works about the girl Lilya, a caring mother, a good housewife who lives in a village in the Lviv region, but there is a catastrophic lack of money. But the main problem is the old house, which is collapsing… last year one part of the house burned down due to a faulty wiring and, as a result, one wall collapsed, now the other is collapsing… We have little time, because it will soon rain and cold !!!



FIRST PRACTICE: how it was…


In the first days of training we were visited by "friends" (so-called people with mental disabilities) and assistants from the NGO "Larsh-Kovcheg" to get acquainted and tell us about their activities. Therefore, all students were looking forward to the beginning of practice in this organization.

We divided into groups and every Tuesday visited the Lyarsh-Kovcheg workshops in different parts of Lviv. There we had the opportunity to communicate and create with "friends". In this organization, "friends" must not only develop and communicate with each other, but also socialize. They serve in churches, go to shops and fairs together to sell their wares.