At the start, attention, go! ???

It was incredible!!!

Our wards of children from low-income and large families - visited a wonderful trip to the Police!))?‍✈️?‍✈️?‍♀️

They were waiting for them: demonstration performances of cadets on the street, police dogs? with dog trainers, demonstration of weapons?⚔️, investigative laboratory?️‍♀️ and much more interesting

UH, we are sure that among these young men and women in the future there will be real policemen, so for now we are only acquainting them with the options of professions)

And at the very end - a trip to the pizzeria?)))

Thank you very much for your cooperation Lviv State University of Internal Affairs for valuable knowledge for older children and exciting emotions for the youngest!

We thank our Volunteers for organizing and coordinating: Natalia Stepanenko, Maryana Lesyk, Galya Dumanska and Maria Hornyak-Lukyanova


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