Beauty Day in the orphanage "Grace"

Yesterday we visited the Blagodat orphanage and arranged a small beauty day for the children. Hairstyles, haircuts, manicures and just communication, jokes, laughter, fun and not very stories. Feelings from joy to sadness - everything is mixed! You can write a book about each child, or make a movie, it is impossible to listen without compassion.

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I want to thank you, my colleagues, friends, co-workers and those people whom I do not personally know, but who joined us and brought things, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics for girls to our office. Without you, there would not be those emotions and joy for children and big eyes from surprise, that there is so much!!!
I express my special thanks to @Lili Lili Hair / Lilia Volodymyrivna Kupchynska - a master and teacher of hairdressing at the Moscow State University of Applied Sciences / Lviv Interregional Center for Professional and Technical Modeling and Design/, who brought 15 (!) student girls with her, who showed beauty to children and to the employees of the institution. We sincerely thank you, my good ones, for your sincere heart and golden hands.

We are all busy with our own affairs and don't always find time for others, but I can't help but mention our photographers @Ksu Kodrova, @Ramzes Abdula and @Iryna Piskor, who, despite their tight work schedules, also visited the children.
And I can't help but mention our youth @Dasha Vasyliuk - who is my constant companion on such trips and @Taras Glukhovetsky - who, regardless of their busyness and youth, drop everything and go with us. You are great guys!!!

Oksanka, who lives in the institution, had a birthday the day before and Olja Kustenko gave the girl a toy - which the child was very happy with. And we also signed a card in many foreign languages and the child's surprise was endless - I just love surprises! Thank you for the things @Marcus Lenk, @Olga Kupiak, @Marta Patiyuk, @Lili Lili Hair, @Ksu Kodrova, @Iryna Piskor, @Halyna Rubel, @Marta Deshchuk, @Mariya Khortniak-Lukyanova and others! I'm sorry, who I didn't mark, but I'm grateful to everyone for their help!
And, of course, thank you for the invitation @Nadyusha Levytska - you, the educators of the institution, are doing a titanic job!!!!

Author: Natalia Stepanenko