Our Anna Maria Charitable Foundation has been helping needy families for 5 years. Basically, they have always been residents of Lviv region.
Now, most of all help the advanced and migrants. But we understand that our local needy people have not gone anywhere and now their situation is even worse.
‼️So, the idea is this: now we have a lot of different clothes. Maybe we'll organize something else.
1️⃣ We are looking for communities that organize a place for receiving and distributing aid (in the village, regional center (). We need a responsible person - the organizer on the spot.
2️⃣ We need a driver with a bus to bring it.
3️⃣ Ideally, still find money for fuel or maybe someone will give cards for fuel. Now it is very important, because volunteers for cars have already exhausted all their possibilities
For the first time it will be help purely clothes. If we establish good cooperation - then we will try to collect the necessary needs.
We have previously had this experience of working with several local priests. They brought clothes to their villages, and they brought us village products collected from people we could help the city's needy.
It is easier to do good together!
We encourage cooperation ❤ The war will end, and we will continue to work. Therefore, such cooperation is very important
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