Speaking openly about the very personal, the deepest and most intimate
About the difficult journey from the pain of loss to service.

Thank you Orest Grygorchak for the invitation and sincere conversation.
Thank you TRK FIRST WESTERN and Olga Tsap for such heartfelt programs


The Ministry of Social Policy, together with UNICEF, is launching a multi-purpose financial assistance program for vulnerable families affected by the war and in need of financial support.
Additional payments under this program should strengthen government support programs.
Families belonging to the following categories will be able to receive assistance:
✅ Have 3 or more minor children, of which at least 1 child has not reached two years;
✅ Families with 2 or more children where one child has a disability.
The payment is UAH 2,220 per family member per month. Payment will be made once in 3 months in one payment.
☝️ You can apply for assistance on the website: .
If you have any difficulties or additional questions, you should contact the hotline "Спільно" at: ? 0 800 600 017 (free of charge, open daily from 8:00 to 22:00)
The possibility of extending the program to other vulnerable categories of families is currently being considered.

? Before Easter, a lot of people came to us, some for bread and other products for the basket, some for other food or clothes?? we tried to help all the needy and dependents as much as possible, so that every family ?‍?‍?‍? was able to have a little festive mood???
??Support us and together we will help many more people?

?A part of the Easter baskets for foster families was given out❤️
Sugar, yogurt, kefir, flour, rice, pasta, milk, wheat groats were given in the same packages.?
?They sent a holiday treat and some necessary things for the boys in Mykolaiv
?About two dozen immigrants were accepted
??Support us and together we will help many more people?

?On the eve of the holidays, our friends Andriana , Volodymyr Vodvud, Anna Dobrydneva ,Vasily Roy visited our defenders with a concert ? and handed over from our housewives pasoks, stews and many other delicacies?
??Thank you to everyone who joined and together we made a small celebration for those who protect our peace and country??
??Support us and together we will help many more people?