??From the Culinary Front, they received pies, pastries, sausages and meatballs and sent Mivina, chocolate, bars, tea, sugar, coffee, beans, canned goods, cola, milk for the boys.
? Mykhailo Petrovych sent rice, tea, sugar, beets, cabbage, milk, flour, pearl barley, pasta, cappuccino, diapers, zucchini to Buchach via Salamakh.
?Received 70 lunches and 2 bags of potatoes from Pasta_Caffe?
Olena Pavlyuk received medicine and baby purees.
?They sent 53 brigades named after Monomakh, Dnipro via Berezhna Larisa tea, coffee, sausages, instant drink, canned meat, cookies, lozenges, bars, cola, Mivina, chocolate, chips, toothpaste, toothbrushes, antiseptic, soap, hand and face cream .
??At the end of the day, help went to the second department of the psychiatric hospital (clothes, tea, instant drink, cocoa milk.)

??Delivered to boys in Bashtanka, Kramatorsk, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhia region. 6 large boxes of Mivina, tea, lozenges, soups, sausages, bars, medicine, wet wipes, bread, crisps, biscuits, and gingerbread.
?We try to give our defenders everything necessary and tasty.

??????We sincerely thank our friends who are trying to support us with humanitarian and financial aid?
?‍?‍?About a hundred people contact us every day, and it is thanks to you that we are able to help these needy families ?
?We received clothes, diapers, canned goods, tea, machines, power banks, pads, shoes and baby food from friends from Sweden
?A part was given to Sputnyk: diapers, baby food and bottles.
???We accepted 2 bags of clothes, 1 box of stationery, 6 packs of diapers, a baby carriage, 10 packs of garbage bags from the Romanchuk family.
? Diapers, baby food and various accessories for the children of the NGO "Nova vulytsia" were handed over, which will then be transported and distributed to children in the Eastern regions
??Together we are a driving force??

??Received 2 parcels from the USA.
There were pants, jackets, shoes, some baby food and many pairs of different socks, both for boys and girls. ??Thank you
?They loaded a bus to Nikopol and a bus to Zaporizhzhia. Treats go to the boys. And for the children of Zaporozhye there are many tasty and useful things? They sent tea, lozenge, Pepsi, canned goods, wet wipes and children's drawings?
?We received a parcel from Ms. Oksana Dumanska through the Myst Express??sincere thanks??
? Received 60 ready-made dinners from PastaCafe - they always take a queue in advance ? because it's very tasty?

?There were many visitors today. We received bread, cereals, pies, potatoes, hygiene products, clothes and shoes.
?We also received milk from our sponsors Save Ukraine , which they were particularly pleased with. ?‍?‍?There are many families with children, and therefore delicious milk is especially timely.
?And, of course, the delicious meals from Pasta_caffe spread, as they say, "like hotcakes". Thank you!
??And even today they didn't just load the car for our boys, but actually the car itself will serve the boys on the front line. ???And it will go not empty, but loaded with goodies. From our foundation with love and faith in victory! May the Lord protect you, boys!